Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 5

Day 5 – Tuesday – 8/12/08

This was another early start and late return (7am to 6:30pm). On the way there, there was a dead cow with a number of buzzards giving attention to it. It was still there when we left for the day. We did 5 rows of blocks on the pastor's house along with some ground clearing and rock picking. At our lunch break, we enjoyed a nice trip on the beach, but we subsequently learned that there was crocodile in the nearby river and roaming the banks.

The teaching and VBS times went well. The team is becoming more and more confident in their presentation abilities and Carol did a great job today. Coming home we drove through a rainstorm that was harder than the hardest Seattle rain storm. This was only a short heavy rain, but it was wet through the rest of the trip home.

After dinner we had a little excitement when group of us went to the little internet cafe. It seems that a common thief was intending to steal Angela's shoulder purse and she had no clue about what was to happen. Adrian, however, is very street savy and called the thief on his intent. So the thief decided to steal a bicycle and the bike's owner took out after the thief and and caught up with him. The thief then wanted to fight the bike's owner, but fled when Adrian yelled at him and came running also. The thief took off running without his sandals. Adrian then gave the sandals to a one-armed beggar that was hanging out around the cafe. As an aside, I wasn't able to get on the blog this night but will try it again tomorrow.

It was good to fellowship with Adrian while riding with him in the van and get a glimpse of his vision for ministry especially among the forgotten people. Our discussions have taken a direction that I should consider returning in a teaching capacity to a wider group of pastors as it appears that the material being presented is striking a responsive chord. We'll see how that develops.

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